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Autor: Robert Galiński, 06 września 2009 19:46:46

Google udostępniło kolejną wersję swojej pierwszej przeglądarki. Chrome, bo tak się zwie, jest narazie przeznaczony deweloperom, ale pobrać może go każdy.


Z dokumentacji można wyczytać, że tym razem będzie to "Chrome zrobiony porządnie".


Lista usprawnień:



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- Closing the download shelf removes all completed and cancelled downloads from it. (Issue: 15712)
- Fixes various audio/video events which were not firing. (Issues: 20152, 16768)
- Saved passwords for proxy servers are now correctly labeled. (Issue: 12992)
- Add single line of tips to New New Tab Page. (Issue: 19162)


- HTTP Auth dialog autofills passwords.
- New Tab Page displays much faster. (Issue 13337)
- Improved scrolling and display performance, particularly on machines without powerful graphics hardware (such as laptops)
- Plugins starting offscreen will draw correctly when they scroll into view (Issue 20234)


- HTTP Auth dialog autofills passwords.
- Fix the find bar so the match count is inside the entry. (Issue: 17962)
- Now respects both GNOME and KDE proxy settings. (Issue: 17363)
- Implemented "Confirm form resubmission" dialog. (Issue: 19761)
- Don't paste primary selection when middle clicking scrollbars. (Issue: 16400)
- Fix inability to select Times New Roman in font options with some versions of Pango. (Issue: 19823)
- Fixed tab dragging on 64-bit. (Issue: 20513)
- Fixed 64-bit JavaScript crash on some CPUs. (Issue: 20789)


- Two breaking changes (see mailing list post for more information):
- Enforce granular permissions
- Modified several APIs to be more consistent
- Polish the look of Linux extension shelf. (Issue: 16759)
- Polish extension install UI.
- Allow extension toolstrip to detach. (ctrl+alt+b)
- Polish chrome://extensions/ page. Add convenience developer tools to load an extension and pack an extension.



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